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Note: If you are a TradeLens customer in mainland China and need Support, please see China Support.

Support Process

TradeLens support requires a registered IBMid login, and provides an online case management system including chat services with an IBM representative (chat services available M-F, 8-5 Eastern US time).

Note: We encourage clients to report issues (especially things like missing events or missing subscription messages) within 7 days of occurrence if possible; this gives the Support team a better diagnostic window and a greater likelihood of finding the issue, or explaining the behavior, in a shorter amount of time.


IBM support subscribers can log in directly to the TradeLens support page to open a chat session or a support case.

Getting Started

To get started using TradeLens support options, log into your organization's IBM support page. Then click Products at the top, and search for "TradeLens" (or scroll to products under "T") and click on TradeLens to load the product support page. The IBM support portal provides optimized self-service options and enhanced transparency into ticket resolution workflows.

The following options are some of the resources available to obtain support assistance with TradeLens:

  • Community forum
  • Watson Chatbot
  • Open, update, and view support cases
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Search case history
  • Live chat with subject matter experts (M-F, 8-5 Eastern US time)

Use the links below to navigate directly to your support preference, or review the usage details section below for details on any option:

Community Forum

TradeLens community forum on the Support Portal is a public forum that is available for general questions and assistance from IBM support and the TradeLens user community.
Note: this forum is publicly visible to everyone, so it must not be used for proprietary, private, or sensitive information or questions.

Watson Chatbot

Watson Chatbot is an interactive AI fed by IBM support knowledge assets. The chatbot can be asked questions related to TradeLens and it will attempt to provide guidance based on existing knowledge assets. Watson Chatbot can be accessed by clicking on the Chat with Support link on the TradeLens support page.

Status Page

To view current system status, active and past incidents, and upcoming maintenance for Production and Sandbox environments, see the TradeLens status page at All planned maintenance and service issues will be published on the TradeLens status page. When applicable, maintenance notices will indicate updates to Release Notes. Subscribe to receive status notifications.

My Notifications

This is a public communications channel requiring Opt-In sign up. My Notifications may be used for security updates, urgent notices, technotes, new features and functions, product announcements, etc. An advanced preview notice for upcoming Release Notes will be published using My Notifications. It is highly recommended that all TradeLens users sign up for all categories for TradeLens communications in My Notifications. Search for TradeLens and subscribe.

Customer Support Portal

Log in to the IBM Support Portal with your IBMid to open and manage support cases and chat with support agents. If you do not have an IBMid, you can sign up here.

To request help using the support portal, send a detailed email to [email protected]

Opening a Support Case

A support case can be opened either through the Watson Chatbot open a case option, or by selecting Open a case from the IBM TradeLens support page.

Users registered to an organization entitled to support can open a case. Collaborative real-time support with IBM is available 24x7 for critical (sev 1) problems (client availability is required). Use the process described below to open a support case.

You can also watch the video on using IBM support for more information on how to open and manage cases.

  1. Log in in to the IBM TradeLens support page with your registered IBMid, by clicking the identity icon in the upper right.


  2. Click Cases then click Open a case


  3. Complete the open a case form. Input fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

    1. Fill in a descriptive title for the issue.

    2. Specify TradeLens as the Product.

    3. Select the severity for your case as follows:

      Severity 1: 24 x 7 coverage U.S. Eastern US time (reserve for system down events with a critical business impact only).

      Severity 2-4: 24 x 5 coverage U.S. Eastern US time, M-F (excluding holidays).

    4. Select your account information. Once you select an account, you will see additional input fields.

    5. Provide a detailed case description using the key words on the right: Problem, Steps to reproduce, Suggestions/Answers you seek, and Expected Outcome.

    6. Complete any additional fields.

    7. You can upload any diagnostic files and add any additional team members to the case.

    8. Click Submit case


Live agent chat

The TradeLens support team is available for Live Chat M-F, 8-5 Eastern US time. A Live Chat can be initiated by entering "talk to an agent" into a Watson Chatbot session (see the Watson Chatbot information above). If the session is during the coverage hours mentioned, the chatbot will initiate a connection to a TradeLens support engineer. If a resolution to your question or issue cannot be reached within a reasonable time frame in chat, the chat session can be converted into a case with support to further investigate the issue. The created case will contain the full history of the chat interaction leading up to case creation.

On the IBM TradeLens support page: Log in, and then click Chat with Support on the lower right. Submit an initial question, and then enter "talk to an agent". You will be connected to an agent during the support hours listed above.

If a resolution to your question or issue cannot be reached in chat, the chat session can be converted into a support case and saved by clicking Open a case.


Additional resources