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Sandbox Zone

Copyright IBM Corporation and GTD Solution Inc. 2018, 2019

The TradeLens Sandbox zone is provided as a test environment for our consumers.

For new customers, the Sandbox zone serves as a place to test the integration of their computer applications with TradeLens, and for TradeLens to verify that the customer applications are well-behaved.

For existing customers, the Sandbox zone serves as a place where customers can preview new TradeLens functionality and ensure that their applications continue to function properly.

  • Customers may not use the Sandbox zone for production purposes.
  • Customers are encouraged to create test cases that simulate realistic transactions and data for use in the Sandbox zone.
  • Customers may submit data for testing purposes. All data submitted will be at Customer’s risk and responsibility.
  • Data can not be migrated between the TradeLens Sandbox and Production zones.
  • TradeLens provides data sharing access as specified in the Data Sharing Specification in the Sandbox zone.
  • TradeLens microservice logs contain no customer personal-identifiable information, and logs are retained for no more than 90 days.
  • TradeLens makes no guarantees with regard to service availability or data retention for the Sandbox zone. Customers should plan their test work accordingly.
  • Sandbox zone is supported on a best-effort basis during standard business hours only. No Severity 1 tickets will be accepted.