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Release Notes

Copyright IBM Corporation and GTD Solution Inc. 2018, 2022

Maintenance notices published on the TradeLens status page at will indicate updates to Release Notes are available when applicable.

An advanced preview notice for upcoming Release Notes will be published using My Notifications. For details, see the My Notifications section of the Support topic.


  • Ability to set up Notifications for specific Custom document types.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/28/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The UI has several enhancements:
    • New TradeLens header for improved navigation, removal of footer.
    • Usability improvements for Bulk Event Publishing including updates to the template.
    • Refinements to custom doc types.
  • New API for consignment party access requested for 3PL Agent and Cargo Interest organizations.
  • eBL retention policy improvement for consignments using eBL, data may be retained until the eBL is surrendered.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/14/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The UI has several enhancements:
    • Events Manager > Bulk Event Publisher allows multiple events to be submitted.
    • Custom document type enhancements, including suggestions based on most used document types.
    • Updates to Notifications, including Document Reference in Notifications and more granularity when setting up Notifications for Bill Of Lading to include Load Location and Discharge Location.
    • Updates to eBL Surrender process when Carrier provides Confirmation.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/31/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved data quality for unlocode field.
  • The UI has several enhancements:
    • Suggestions and autocomplete for custom (other) document type during file upload. This will be enhanced further in a future release.
    • Performance improvements for Consignment details.
    • eBL Surrender dialog improvements.
    • In order to focus on enhancing the UI in other areas, dark mode has been removed.
  • eBL enhancements (in addition to those mentioned for the UI):
    • Carriers can now put an eBL on hold when an amendment is pending. Parties to the eBL will see that it is on hold and no action can be taken until rejected or a new version of the eBL is issued.
    • eBL email notifications now include additional information to help manage communication with your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Shipment parties can now be added, updated, or removed by orgId.
  • Advance Declaration and Importers Security Filing document types are now Shipment document types instead of Consignment document types.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/13/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved data quality for SMDG Terminal field in transport events.
  • UI improvements:
    • Increased visibility to trade parties in Party/Roles for Shipments.
    • Additional filtering by date range (Event Occurrence Time) for Notifications.
    • Added option to select one of the eBL parties as the release party at the time of eBL surrender.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/29/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Uploading of documents with Document Sharing and Actionable Flows now accepts a correlation ID that gets recorded in published events.
  • The UI has several enhancements:
    • Improved linkage of shipments and consignments.
    • Improved mobile user experience.
    • The Notifications view has a new "Document" category to help filter applicable alerts.
    • Additional shipment references are now shown in the shipment card view. Similarly, the shipment view will show more data.
  • Additional special characters are now supported when describing commodities in events.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/15/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The Actionable Insights user experience in the UI has several improvements.
    • Section names are now editable. The defaults are "Origin" and "Destination".
    • Filtering and paging applied to metric tables are now saved during navigation.
    • Metric tables have the following new data columns:
      • Place of receipt from the BL
      • Place of delivery from the BL
      • Port of loading from the BL
      • Port of discharge from the BL
      • Time of shipment on board
  • The file upload user experience in the UI has several improvements.
    • Single and bulk file upload experiences have been consolidated for consistency.
    • Bulk upload now includes schema validation.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/01/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Eligible carriers can now request an eBL even if the consignor or docReceiver roles are unknown. In these cases, organizations will be seamlessly onboarded to TradeLens and business partnerships established.
  • Several performance improvements were made in the Shipment Manager UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/16/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Configuration of event and alert subscriptions have been enhanced when leveraging OAuth2. In particular, new custom fields can be configured that might be required by your Identity Provider. For example, Microsoft® Azure demands a nonstandard "resource" field to be provided during the authorization process.
  • The Actionable Insights feature in the UI has a couple of usability improvements:
    • The columns of the metric tables can be resized. These changes are temporary and not persisted.
    • Clicking on a row within the metric table will take you to the associated consignment page.
  • Bulk document upload includes new features, aligning it with single document upload:
    • In cases where structured documents are included, schema validation will be performed.
    • Custom docType is now supported.
    • Content URL is now supported.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/28/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The following enhancements were made to to Actionable Insights on the UI.
    • Collapse and rearrange insight groups.
    • Rearrange insights with each group.
    • Save and reuse additional (non-default) insight table layouts.
  • Other general improvements were made in the UI.
    • The notification and organization management areas have a better user experience.
    • Performance improvements in several areas.
  • eBL search in the UI now allows filtering by originator name (e.g. ocean carrier sub-brands) as well as date range.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/20/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Users logged into their ocean carrier website can now obtain TradeLens access tokens in exchange of their carrier issued ID token based on their customer code affiliation even if they do not already have a TradeLens user account.
  • The notification profile now supports multiple email addresses. This extends the ability to configure a single notification with more than one target email address.
  • The eBL feature now allows the "Title Holder" to send amendment requests to participating ocean carriers.
  • The document type name "Bill of Lading Amendment" is now "Bill of Lading Amendment Request".
  • Cargo Interest organizations have a new Analytics Insights feature in the UI. It provides several top level metrics where users can navigate to view, customize, and export detailed tables of data.
  • Users can now configure their preferred language used by the UI, as part of their user profile. Note, this does not apply to the login page.
  • Shipment related views in the UI are now exclusively accessible by applicable organization types.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/24/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Event and alert subscriptions now provide enhanced security by supporting OAuth2 enabled webhooks.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/10/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • References associated with shipments, consignments, and transport equipment now clarify the owning organization. In addition, more control exists in the UI to clarify which references can be modified.
  • As previously announced in December 2021, the UI will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 on April 1st.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/11/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Shipment visibility in the UI has been improved in several ways.
    • The creator of the shipment is available, along with the role the caller plays.
    • Associated events are now visible, similar to consignments and transport equipment.
  • Saved links to the UI or those provided in alert emails will now navigate the user to the correct location, regardless of whether they were logged in.  Formerly, users not logged in would land on the UI home page.
  • Analytics dashboards will now show an event publisher name as "Suppressed" instead of empty when the publisher must be hidden from the caller.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/23/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The UI's Containers left side menu item and the container search have been removed for several organization types that do not have direct container access. However, those without access can still navigate through the associated consignment.
  • Quick searches based on equipment number formerly had limitations, often only showing matching shipments and consignments. An improvement has been made to consistently display all the matching containers.
  • Shipment document events available through query API and event subscription will be enriched with new fields for file type, associated carrier booking numbers, and associated bill of lading numbers.
  • Alert subscriptions can now be filtered by a specified party in a given role (Consignee or Consignor).
  • eBLs can now be issued to a doc receiver third party, assigned and acting on behalf of the shipper, without the need for the shipper to be signed up and onboarded as well. If both organizations are onboarded, the eBL will be issued with priority to the doc receiver. If only the shipper is onboarded, the eBL will be issued to the shipper instead.
  • Document search now includes a filter for file type and a request for linked documents. Document metadata matching the file type will be returned for all related trade objects.
  • References can now be managed (added/removed) for all trade objects in the UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/11/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bulk email alerts now include references to the shipment, consignment, or transport equipment associated with the each alert.
  • Several UI enhancements:
    • The alerts slide-out now includes references associated with trade objects (similar to the email).
    • Alert popups are now presented with an improved experience.
    • Some navigation elements are now within a submenu section on the left, like Notifications > Notifications Inbox.
    • Multiple subtle styling changes were made to colors, icons, etc.
  • Terms and Conditions for each ocean carrier can now be configured directly (by the TradeLens Onboarding team). The content is made available to eBL customers when clicking on the related link in their eBL document in the UI. It is also listed when surrendering an eBL.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/28/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • When transferring an eBL, there is a new option to assert that the maker/checker review process is complete. This feature is exclusively available to entitled organizations.
  • The UI has has the following new features:
    • Navigation using the back button is now more consistent eliminating former limitations.
    • When viewing configured alert notifications, new icons represent if an additional email is verified.
    • The quick search on the home page will now return a sample of associated matching consignments, transport equipment, and shipments based on an input carrier booking number, bill of lading number, or equipment number.
  • Alerts can now be sent for document events referencing the recently added shipment document types.
  • Alerts configured with a frequency (delivered in bulk) have been improved. The table of alerts now includes a link to each individual alert.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/10/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • eBL enhancements:
    • A new section in the UI will show list of all eBLs upon which the user has a role.
    • The user can search across several fields to find matching eBLs.  
    • The maximum number of search results is 1500.
    • The matching list of eBLs can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Dashboard enhancements:
    • On the BCO dashboard, the ETA Changes table has a new Historical view triggered by a button in the bottom right. 
    • On the terminal dashboard, vehicle IMO values are now visible.
  • General UI Enhancements:
    • The left navigation has an improved layout including hover help.
    • Some portions of the UI now support dark mode, based on settings in the web browser.
    • The business partner UI aesthetics and filters have been improved.
    • When performing a bulk document upload, the user experience for adding document references has been improved.
  • The following two new document types can now be uploaded to the platform with a structured schema:
    • Internal Invoice
    • Shipping Advice
  • The maximum upload size for Inspection Certificate documents has increased from 60MB to 150MB.
  • Alerts can now be configured to send email alerts to external recipients.
  • Duplicate event detection now also applies to the cutOffTime generic event type.
  • Users can now apply a quick search based on carrier booking numbers, bill of lading numbers, and equipment numbers to find associated consignments, transport equipment, and shipments.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/02/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • eBL views in the UI now include references to all associated shipments.
  • Bulk document download now includes shipment documents.
  • Business partner views in the UI now include an indicator of if rules have been configured.
  • The following shipment document types are now supported (unstructured only, no JSON schema):
    • Internal Invoice
    • Banking Cover Letter
    • Notice of Completion
    • Weight Certificate
    • Quality Certificate
    • Shipping Advice
  • The email notification feature now allows users to configure the frequency at which notifications will be delivered, allowing them to be grouped together in a single email delivered once per day, twice per week (biweekly), or once per week. The maximum number of notifications grouped with each email is 50. If more notifications apply, multiple emails will be sent.
  • UI support of Microsoft Internet Explorer will be deprecated April 1, 2022. Users of that browser will see a warning at the top of the UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 01/13/2022 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • When configuring business partners, there is now an indicator showing whether rules have been configured for a given partner making it easier to determine if rules are missing.
  • There have been multiple enhancements to the UI:
    • Several user profile fields have been moved from the Account > User Profile page to the new Account > Notification Profile page.
    • The user profile can now configure preferred layouts for several views (card vs list).
  • Four new alert types have been created, associated with the following events:
    • Estimated vessel departure (for the origin port)
    • Actual vessel departure (for the origin port)
    • Estimated vessel arrival (for the destination port)
    • Actual vessel arrival (for the destination port)
  • To address duplication of published alerts, a filter can now be applied to only publish the first alert of a set that are determined to be the same. Uniqueness is based on alert type and trade object identifier, but also fullStatus and location when applicable.
  • eBL views in the UI will now include references for shipments that are associated with the consignment.
  • Effective April 1, 2022, the TradeLens user interface will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Users currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 are encouraged to use one of the following browsers supported by TradeLens: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.  
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/17/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The Data Sharing Specification (DSS) has been updated to version 4.3. Changes have been made in the area of document permissions.
  • Consignment cards in the UI will now display an icon clarifying if the vessel departure and arrival time resulted from a planned, estimated, or actual event.
  • The Event Publisher feature of the UI is now available to all organizations. Before, this feature was limited to formally entitled organizations.
  • Users can now search for eBLs based on consignment references, shipment references, or by party (consignee, consignor).
  • Usability has been improved when viewing documents in scenarios where versions are revoked.
  • Details for customs release and customs control events are now available in the UI.
  • When party changes happen as a result of Actionable Flows, those new parties will only be able to see documents starting from the version that caused the parties to be added. This behavior is specific to the following document types: bill of lading, house bill, seaway bill, and verify copy.
  • When receiving an amended eBL, the parties will be captured (for example, the carrier supplied code that defines the carrier party from the amended eBL). TradeLens will apply these party references to all future transactions on the eBL, adding them to the endorsement chain and providing them through events back to the carrier. 
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/06/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Duplicate transport plans delivered with the recently added single event transport plan will now be detected and dropped. This results in cleaner data seen in the UI, event subscriptions, etc.
  • Several enhancements have been added to the document view in the UI: improved usability, new card and list views with action buttons, isolation of document versions.
  • Formerly only available through the API, the UI now supports configuration of alert filters based on sender org types and names.
  • Publishers of documents can now revoke access to specific document versions they have published, leaving them inaccessible to anyone. This is intended primarily for scenarios in which a document is published erroneously.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/22/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Transport plan events can now be consolidated into a single transport plan event.  To aid in transitioning to this new event over time, TradeLens will break it down into the former individual events which will be made available in query APIs and the UI.
  • When granting an organization (a bank for example) the role of title holder to a consignment, the organization will also be granted the same role to shipments associated with that consignment.
  • The event publisher feature of the UI has the following changes.
    • It was formerly available to a subset of organization types, but is now enabled as an organization entitlement (enabled by a TradeLens Onboarding team member).
    • Zip codes are now included when configuring an event's location.
    • There is an improved user experience when presented on a mobile device.
  • Other UI enhancements are as follows.
    • Slide-outs have moved from the left to the right in multiple places (event details for example).
    • eBL and Actionable Documents are now top level menu items.
  • Various APIs based on document actions now support "deleted" as an action.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/08/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The event publisher feature in the UI has new usability enhancements including the ability to edit publishing locations.
  • Duplication of alerts can now be removed. Users can now configure filters on sender organization names or types. This feature is limited to API level support only. UI support will come soon.
  • The eBL UI now supports both list and card views, and also allows for downloading documents in bulk.
  • After an eBL reaches the terminal state (switch to paper or surrender), amendments of the BL are now supported outside the eBL process.
  • The "Organization Admin API" Swagger content has been consolidated into the existing "Organizations API".
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/14/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • When bulk uploading documents, the list of document types is now filtered to be applicable to the logged in organization.
  • Event handling will now detect duplicates preventing them from being processed by TradeLens (and being published to subscribers).  The event publish APIs will return an indicator that the event was recognized as a duplicate.
  • Vessel arrival and departure dates will no longer be absent from a consignment until an actual gate in event is processed. 
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/28/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.

Special Release Note

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be enabled for IBMid user login to TradeLens.
    • The estimated date when this will be enabled is 09/30/2021 for Production. MFA will not be a enabled in Sandbox.
    • When logging into TradeLens, a verification code will be sent to your email and you will need to enter the code and click the Verify button during the sign-in process. An example of the additional screen is shown here.
    • The device should be remembered so you do not have to authenticate every time (unless using different browsers or incognito browser).


  • The UI has a new Event Publisher capability to help truckers (for example) send events representing the progress of a container in its journey, right from their phone. Organizations can configure default locations and containers that will be visible to truckers in drop down menus for easy selection.
  • Several UI enhancements have been made related to alerts and notifications.
  • Vessel related notifications will now include the associated identifiers for the vessel and voyage.
  • When searching for an eBL, the party reference of the consignee (from the first version of the structured eBL) will now be provided in the response.
  • Bulk document uploads now support request validation earlier in the process.  Users will now get immediate feedback if they do not have permission or structured documents have incorrect fields.
  • Bulk document uploads have added the following validation:
    • File types are restricted to the following: jpg, png, pdf, and json.
    • File names can not include the following characters: /()$%&
    • Users can not upload more than one document of the same type that has the same document references (or no document references).
  • A new eBL "on behalf of" scenario is now supported:
    • Allow consignors (agents, 3rd parties) to be the initial BL document and title receiver.
    • Allow (1) transfers, (2) switch to paper, and (3) surrenders on behalf of the consignor, mirroring the current paper BL process.  
    • The new "document receiver" will be given the same permissions as the REQUEST_PARTY in the consignment as defined in the Data Sharing Specification (DSS).
    • In order for the document receiver to be assigned the "title holder" role at BL issuance, both the document receiver and the consignor have to be entitled to use the eBL functionality.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/21/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • A new document type Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) has been added. An update to the Data Sharing Specification (DSS) is forthcoming. The SLI can be uploaded by organizations with the role of: Seller, Buyer, Exporter, Importer, Origin 3PL Agent, and Destination 3PL Agent. The SLI can be viewed/read by organizations that are a party on the shipment with the role of: Seller, Buyer, Exporter, Importer, Origin 3PL Agent, Destination 3PL Agent, Export Customs Broker, Import Customs Broker, Certificate Issuer, Export Authority, Import Authority, Buyer's Bank, Seller's Bank, and Insurance Provider.
  • Organizations allowed to create shipments can now do so from the UI by uploading an unstructured Shipper's Letter of Instruction document and providing required meta data.  Upon success, a new notification (alert) will be sent.
  • From the consignments view in the UI, a consignment can now be linked to a shipment if no associations already exist.  Similarly, from the shipments view, a shipment can be linked to a consignment.  In either of those cases, a new notification (alert) will be sent.
  • When bulk uploading shipment documents, users are no longer required to provide consignment related data.
  • The UI for cargo owners could formerly see several top level statistics.  They were removed due to internal performance impacts.  The query APIs options used in those statistics were also removed both in the UI and API.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/13/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several dashboard enhancements have been made:
    • Updated detention and demurrage simulators indicate the billable days and cost.
    • Shipper and consignee filters were added to all dashboards.
    • Intermodal and Terminal Time screens now include 20' and 40' High Cube as container types.
  • Surrendering an eBL document now requires acknowledgement of terms and conditions.
  • Agents can now take eBL actions on behalf of shippers and consignees. The agent gains this authority through specification of the "document receiver" (docReceiver) in the bill of lading document schema. The role has the same DSS permissions as Request Party (note that with the 08/23/2021 refresh, the permission was the same as Origin 3PL Agent, but that was changed to Request Party with the 09/22/2021 refresh).
  • The document schema IDs (documentSchemaId) remain the same, but new versions of the document schemas for Verify Copy, Sea Waybill, Bill of Lading, and House Bill of Lading are available due to the new document receiver (docReceiver) role.
  • The UI has multiple improvements including an update to organization management.
  • The alerts list presented in the UI can now be filtered by document action.
  • When a document is transferred to a new party, that party will now receive former alerts (Sea Waybill, Verify Copy, Bill of Lading, and House Bill of Lading) associated with the trade object.
  • With the previous release on 07/14/2021, partyName was added as an option to the consignment partyAdded, partyListUpdated, and partyRemoved events. Now Actionable Flows can also set the partyName from the printedParty field of the submitted document (such as a Bill of Lading). In addition, if the partyName is specified for a partyRole of CONSIGNOR or CONSIGNEE, the consignorName or consigneeName will be set to the partyName and stored in the consignment trade object. The consignorName and consigneeName values will be available through the UI (on the consignment and in search, and in the events for the partyAdded, partyListUpdated, and partyRemoved) and through the API for consignment queries, but will not be sent to Subscriptions. Subscriptions will receive the partyName field for the partyAdded, partyListUpdated, and partyRemoved events. The following will have visibility to the partyName, consignorName, and consigneeName:
    • the owner of the consignment (Transport Service Provider).
    • organizations with the Transport Service Buyer role on the consignment.
    • the following organization types if they are parties to the consignment: Customs Authority, Cargo Interest, and 3PL Agent.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/23/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The UI has a new Beta feature - a container driven user experience.
    • New search options from the initial home page.
    • New Containers option in the left navigation panel.
  • Clients can perform their outstanding eBL actions, even if no longer entitled to the feature.
  • New alert types have been created representing the upload of several document types (API and UI).
  • Downloading large documents in the UI now provides an option to download in the background (as opposed to waiting on the download screen for the process to finish).
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/04/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • User experience improvements were made around bulk document download in the UI.
  • Bulk document download now supports documents across related consignments and shipments.
  • Doc Bulk Processor API in Swagger grouping was renamed Document Sharing Bulk Operations API.
  • Alert subscriptions for document alerts now support filtering on the document action.
  • DSS Data Sharing Model for Simplified Chinese is now available (see Data Sharing Specification).
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/29/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration with INTTRA can be initiated through new "Plan" and "Booking" links in the UI.
  • Consignments now provide a view of the consignor and consignee organizations. This is available in the API and UI, but visibility is controlled based on the role of the caller.
  • Several general user experience improvements have been made to the UI.
  • Document upload maximum size is now 60MB for documents of type Inspection Certificate.
  • Documents can now be downloaded in bulk as a zip file, gathering the latest versions of all documents in either a consignment or shipment.
  • Document names may now include the comma character.
  • Dashboards intermodal time screens and terminal time screens have several enhancements:
    • There is a new filter "Stack Bars by" with options Port of Loading and Port of Discharge.
    • The content was divided into two screens: current and historical.
  • When consignments are split, only the latest transport plan will be copied over to the newly created consignment (whereas all former transport plans were copied before).
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/14/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bulk document upload notifications have improved clarity for partial success.
  • New event fields are present in the UI (formerly only in the API)
    • eventPublishTime - provides the time TradeLens received the event from the publisher
    • fromOceanAggregator - identifies if the event publisher was from an aggregator (vs ocean carrier).
  • UI fields for doing consignment and shipment search are grouped into categories.
  • Dashboard support for CSV export has been improved.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/08/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • A new Event Publish API allows up to 100 events to be uploaded in bulk.
  • The UI has been enhanced to support managing business partner permissions before the business partner relationship has been established (formerly only supported through the API).
  • Business partner rules can now be deleted with the PATCH API.
  • Bulk document upload through the UI now triggers a "system" alert to notify the user of completion.  
  • The UI enables the creation and viewing of system alerts.
  • Events accessed through query and subscription now include an "eventPublishTime" field representing when TradeLens received the event.
  • Events sent from ocean aggregators are now filtered out once ocean carriers start sending data. This helps to prevent duplication of events.
  • Dashboards now render data formats compatible with user's browser locale.
  • Dashboards enable downloading all displayed rows of a report in CSV/Excel format.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/01/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Documents can now be uploaded in bulk, including documents for consignments and shipments.
  • BCO Dashboards have several enhancements including BL number labels, date filtering, location names, bar chart groupings, country filters, date formats, and country-level selection in most recent location view.
  • References to consignments and transport equipment can now be removed even when a caller does not have visibility to the trade object (applicable only to references that the caller added).
  • Reference change events will now be applied to all matching trade objects. Formerly they had to match a single trade object only.
  • Several UI improvements including a new footer at the bottom of the Shipment Manager UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/24/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • An upgrade to our services over the weekend of 4/23-25 has resulted in a few changes that clients should be aware of. This upgrade is different than the typical release updates that are delivered for TradeLens, so this special Release Notes will mention some key changes vs new features.

  • Tokens:

    • Tokens now expire in 1 hour instead of 3 hours.

      • A 401 is returned as usual when the token expires, and this is what code should check for; however, it is worth noting that the response message string for an expired token changed from "JWT expired" to "SMException: SM_195".
    • Prior to 4/23/2021, the URL to obtain the solution token (bearer token) was
      organization/{organizationId}", where the solutionId was "gtd-sandbox" for the sandbox zone and "gtd-prod" for the production zone. This old URL will be supported for a limited time to allow organizations to transition their code to using the new URL
      {organizationId}", where Solution_Authorizer_domain is "" for example for the Platform stack Sandbox environment.

    • The sample has been updated and renamed (provided "AS IS" without warranty).

    • See topic Authentication and Token Generation for API usage for additional information.

  • When adding a ServiceId, it is no longer necessary to specify the ServiceId as a "System User" so the System User checkbox has been removed from the UI for Add New User. See topic Authentication and Token Generation for API usage for an example.


  • Consistency improvements have been made in the UI with regard to opening various pages and sub-tabs.
  • eBL has the following enhancements:
    • The endorsement chain view now includes the corresponding eBL number and document versions.
    • Every action will record the document version on the Blockchain when the action was performed.
  • References can now be added to consignments and transport equipment by organizations without visibility. They need only provide valid identifiers (for example, carrier booking number, bill of lading number, equipment number) to uniquely identify the trade object.
  • BCO dashboards have improved handling of split/combine consignments.
  • The DSS (Data Sharing Specification) has been improved for usability. API links have been added to the DSS so that any participant can filter on their role to see what APIs they need to call. Hover help for each link shows the section on the Swagger page where the API can be found.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/14/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Two additional events can now trigger alerts: estimated and actual discharge from rail.
  • UI improvements were made for scrolling list views.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/25/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Business Partner rules can now be configured in the UI (formerly API only).
  • A new Event Subscription API documents the full list of event fields sent to subscriptions.
  • The empty container interchanged event now marks a container as no longer in use, improving the matching of follow on events to the new usage of the container.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/15/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Alerts in the UI are now presented in a slide-out view similar to events elsewhere.
  • EDI connectivity enabled for customers in China.
  • New rules can grant visibility to business partners automatically (without partyAdded events).  This feature is available in API only for now. 
  • Several usability enhancements in the UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/02/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • DSS Data Sharing Sheets was updated to V4.2, adding new role Participant Inland Service Provider.
  • A new API allows truck operators, barge operators, rail operators, and data aggregators to be granted visibility to transport equipment based on a combination of references and container numbers.
  • The UI was updated with several usability enhancements.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/01/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Notify parties are now updated in consignments when they are changed explicitly in associated structured documents (Verify Copy, Bill of Lading, Sea Waybill) using Actionable Doc Flows.
  • Searching for business partners now filters out disabled organizations (no longer active on TradeLens).
  • The existing role SUBCONTRACTED_TSP is being replaced with the improved name PARTICIPANT_INLAND_SERVICE_PROVIDER.  
  • The existing Customs Release event has been updated and a new Customs Control event has been created to properly support flows in the trade industry, aligning with how many countries handle these customs operations.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 01/13/2021 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Beta Feature - Actionable Flows API and Shipment Manager UI enables uploading a shipment document which will handle several steps automatically: creating a shipment, adding parties/references to it, and associating the document.
    In this first phase of the beta feature, from the consignment object:
    • The organization uploading the shipment document must be an existing party to the consignment.
    • One document can be uploaded at a time. The organization must have permission (based on party role) to upload the document.
    • If a shipment is already associated with the consignment, the document will be uploaded to the existing shipment.
    • If a shipment is not associated with the consignment, a new shipment will be created using the provided reference.
    • Parties and references can be added to the shipment at the time of document upload.
  • When adding a consignment to a shipment (consignmentAdded event), now only the bill of lading is required, whereas before a booking number was needed as well.
  • UI enhancements: improvements to Business Partners table navigation and Alerts/Notification filters.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/17/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Users can now export a CSV containing details for all containers that match a consignment search. 
  • The Current Progress view of a container in the UI now includes several milestone events: do not load, customs release, carrier release, terminal release, container ready for pickup, VGM submitted, and VGM received.
  • Organization admins can now provide a reason when adding a user to their org, recorded for auditability.
  • APIs that fetch events now include several fields aligning with content seen by event subscriptions.
  • eBL submission amendments can now be processed after transfer.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/01/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • eBL flows now support the Telex release process.
  • References throughout TradeLens now have more readable "labels" for each type.
  • Consignment search by date for "Planned Vessel Arrival" and "Planned Vessel Departure" now considers estimated and actual events to determine the most current date.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/11/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several enhancements to the UI, especially in the area of Alerts and Notifications.
  • The requirements for submitting transport plan events has been simplified. The "eventOccurrenceTime8601" field was formerly required and is now optional. However, the "transportPlanSequenceNumber" field is now mandatory.  
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/29/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • eBL as well as other actionable flows now support search based on client provided references (shared with carriers and configured as consignment references).
  • eBL transfer logic has been updated to prevent transferring to a carrier. One can only submit a "switch to paper" request or surrender to the issuing carrier.
  • Several enhancements around Alerts including search.
  • Consignment search now supports arrays of carrier booking numbers, bill of lading numbers, or equipment numbers.
  • Consistency improvements have been added to published events:
    • The carrierBookingNumber and billOfLadingNumber fields will only be present if provided by the original sender of the event (vs only being added by TradeLens).
    • The associatedBillOfLadingNumbers field has been added and will be treated similar to the existing associatedCarrierBookingNumbers field, updated by TradeLens only.
  • UI summary view of consignments now has updated data related to the transport plan and count of transport equipment, whereas before it was from the original booking data.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/21/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The former Beta "Current Progress" view of events in the UI is now the default.
  • Events published to subscribers now include location names similar to the query API.
  • When profile nicknames are updated, associated existing alerts are now also updated.
  • "Certificate Issuer" is a new organization type and party role with the ability to create shipments as well as add parties to them.
  • Several UI improvements: customized view of BOL, paging, notifications navigation, etc.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/30/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Part load scenarios are now supported where multiple consignments share the same equipment in the booking stage. This is similar to part bill support, but handled prior to the bill of lading being issued.
  • The "cargoTypeUpdate" event behavior was changed (back to how it was in the past) so that it can once again be sent to either a consignment or a transport equipment.
  • Consignment updates are now tracked at a more fine grain level. Booking data can now be updated without preventing a bill of lading being issued with an older document issuance time.
  • Several UI enhancements: consistency, look and feel, keyboard accessibility, etc.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/21/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • A default user preferences profile is now set up (using logged in credentials) eliminating the need to set this up manually in order to leverage notifications and alerts features.
  • eBL transfers in the UI are now enabled for more than just organization admins.
  • Commodity description fields are now properly URL decoded on the UI (removes odd % characters).
  • Several other UI enhancements in the areas of alerts, document views, and endorsement views.
  • eBL now supplies the ocean carrier with a list of organizations for which the eBL was endorsed to during the workflow.  
  • eBL now supports the House Bill of Lading from an NVOCC.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/03/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Support has been added for the House Bill of Lading schema.
  • UI enhancements were made around user preferences, endorsement chains, and eBL views.
  • Actionable Flows eBL flows can supply the Ocean Carrier with a list of organizations in which the eBL was endorsed during the workflow. 
  • The "document issuance time" related to Actionable Flows API is now leveraged to ensure proper ordering of changes to successive BoL uploads.
  • Parties granted visibility implicitly by transport plans or actionable flows are now more controlled, preventing the potential to be overwritten by explicit party add/remove/update events.
  • Several improvements were made to properly match events with trade objects.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/24/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ocean carriers can now configure partners associated with routes in the the transport plan so that their partners are granted visibility implicitly, removing the need to send "partyAdded" events for them.
  • Filtering options have been added to the "unassociatedEvent" API to aid in troubleshooting.
  • The Business Partner UI now enables bulk upload of partner references.
  • Several UI enhancements to the document viewers.
  • The Bill Of Lading Verifier API now supports finding Sea Waybills.
  • Actionable Flows is no longer Beta.
  • The name of the "Ocean Carrier API" Swagger page was changed to "Carrier API".
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/06/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several UI enhancements related to user experience and consistency.
  • Actionable Flows now prevents back-leveling documents using "docIssuanceTime" specified in the API.
  • Notifications and Alerts enhancements:
    • Email is now supported as alert vehicle (formerly webhooks only).
    • Additional event types added as triggers for alerts: Container Discharged, Container Full Release. 
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/23/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The Business Partner API now enables bulk upload of partner references.
  • Events are now assigned priority based on the data provider and time published. This priority is reflected in both the API and UI (showing highest priority first).
  • A new "Current Progress View" presents planned, estimated, and actual events in a rolled up view of the most current information. Actual events get the highest priority followed by estimated and then planned.
  • Actionable Flows eBL flow supports a new terminal state, "Switch to Paper", available in both the API and UI.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/13/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Webhook alerts can now be configured for specific event types and associated locations. Set this up using new APIs in Swagger under "User Preferences API" and "Notifications & Alerts API", or through the UI under Account > User Profile / Alerts & Notifications.
  • Retroactive party access. Starting now, events posted to add parties will be reviewed and applied at a later time when those parties are onboarded to TradeLens.
  • Several UI features and improvements including SI management in Actionable Flows.
  • New consolidated transport event type for publishers to submit planned, estimated, and actual events.
  • Actionable Flows updates:
    • SI-BOL flows now allow all VC/BOL to be accepted at any point.
    • Flow definition updated to support "switch to paper" action.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/29/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration Framework now publishes Shipping Instructions related to Actionable Flows.
  • Document Sharing supports the following new document types (unstructured only):
    • For consignments: Importers Security Filing, In Transit Bond 
    • For shipments: Cargo Tally Sheet, Certificate of Insurance
    • For all trade objects: Pictures
  • Several UI enhancements including:
    • Update to the event slide-out.
    • New table/view for SI actionable documents, including VC and BOL.
  • New API User Guide for developers in the documentation:
  • There are no API updates with this release.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several UI improvements: managing business partners (search/edit/delete), accessibility, time stamp consistency, new SI structured document view, updated BOL view for Actionable Flows.
  • Actionable Flows SI upload now adds parties for existing consignments.
  • Part bill support is now extended to include combined consignment scenarios.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/02/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Initial support for Part Bills.
  • Several document schemas were updated: SI, BoL, SWB, and VC.
  • Updated Bill of Lading document view in the UI, accommodating the latest schema.
  • UI improvements for configuring business partners.
  • A new event is generated internally representing a Verify Copy document has been issued through Actionable Flows, including the capability to handle split and combine use cases.
  • A new group of "Organization Admin" APIs are now in Swagger for managing users in an organization.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/20/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Cargo Interest organizations have an updated UI landing page with high level statistics across the top.
  • Each page of API documentation (Swagger) now has a version at the top. It will only be updated when an underlying API changes, enabling easier change management for integrations.
  • A new role, Subcontracted_TSP, can be applied to a trade object, providing access to trade objects and events, but not documents. This role is often ideal for subcontracted truck and rail companies.
  • Time zone specific time stamps are now applied to events in cases where they were missing by the publishers, but the UN/Locode was provided (for which a time zone can be determined).
  • A new status page is available at where you can view current system status, active and past incidents, and upcoming maintenance for Production and Sandbox environments. Subscribe to receive status notifications.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/07/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Fix for Chrome browser disambiguation error during login (delivered to Prod 4/02/2020).
  • Business partner references can now be updated or deleted (API only, UI coming soon).
  • Several UI enhancements related to consistency and user experience.
  • Published events support a new flexible format, enabling multiple forms at the same time (UN/Locode, Address, SPLC, Geo Coordinates, etc).
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/20/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI updates to buttons and landing page navigation.
  • Bill of Lading Verifier API (for financial institutions) is now more flexible for finding bills of lading.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/31/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI improvements: consistency with dates, show sender info for docs, new eBL form view.
  • Bill of Lading Verifier API is no longer case sensitive.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/19/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • eBL improvements
    • Now searchable based on status (API and UI).
    • Ensure documents controlled by actionable flows can only be modified by flow updates.
  • UI improvements
    • Various fields that are not accessible per data sharing specification are listed as such.
    • Navigation improved between consignments and shipments.
    • Consignment search by location is more flexible with type-ahead.
  • Event subscription tools are now available in Swagger to enable, disable, get status, and test webhooks.
  • Events now include the sender organization type (subscription, query API, UI).
  • Sensitive information in events (for example commodity type and originator information) is now only available to appropriate organizations. Orgs that do not have the proper type will not receive these fields on events on subscriptions or in event queries. This affects the following fields:
    • bookingData.commodities.harmonizedCode
    • bookingData.commodities.commodityDescription
    • harmonizedCodes
    • originatorName
    • originatorId
    • senderOrgName
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/05/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Support the new Document Sharing Specification (DSS V4.0) defining new access privileges for each organization type and role.
  • Support for shipments as a new trade object including new APIs and UI.
  • UI enhancements: consignment search by transport equipment references, event slide-out panel, etc.
  • New Actionable Flows automation grants access to parties on the Bill of Lading.
  • Updated documentation topic Setting up Subscriptions with information that the webhook will receive events from the TradeLens platform as a JSONArray. Currently, this array of events is an array of size one.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/25/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several UI updates around displaying references, arrays of seal numbers.
  • eBL Beta available in Production (it was only in Sandbox on 01/29/2020).
  • Actionable flows events now indicate the destination organization involved in the transaction. Also, new schema versions for SI, VC, and BoL are available in Production. SI-BoL flow works only with the latest schema version.
  • New flexible management of trade object references including APIs to remove and do bulk updates.
  • Integration Framework: IFTMIN EDI mapping enhancements in shipping-instruction outbound flows. 
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/10/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI has a new left side navigation bar.
  • UI and API now provide and isolated view of each version of consignment transport plans.
  • UI now prompts the user at login for permission to collect statistics to improve experience and optimize site functionality.
  • New flexible support for managing access to trade objects (consignments and transport equipment).
    • Tighter control of what organization types and roles can create trade objects and grant party access.
    • New APIs for removing parties and doing bulk uploads of all parties at once.
  • Remaining trade object APIs involving delegation IDs are deprecated and replaced by new APIs based on trade object IDs.
  • Actionable flows updates (Beta - and the following function is in Sandbox zone)
    • eBL flow (Beta) for bill of lading is now available (Sandbox zone) and can be used for issue, transfer, and surrender actions. 
    • New schema versions have been introduced (Sandbox zone - Shipping Instructions, Verify Copy, Bill of Lading, Sea Waybill).
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 01/29/2020 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • The "Query API" in Swagger has been renamed to "Trade Object API".
  • The UI option to search by delegation ID has been removed. The platform is moving away from the use of delegation IDs as redundant. Existing broad options provide complete search capability.
  • New permissions validation is in place when creating trade objects (consignments and transport equipment), but also when granting access to other parties.
  • Document Sharing APIs now support fetching the content and metadata for printable versions of documents, when they have been uploaded/associated.
  • To improve data quality in several scenarios, event handling logic was updated to not process transport events that include an equipment number, a full status set to empty, but no carrier booking number or bill of lading number.
  • Document events seen by query APIs and subscriptions have three new values available for the "action" field in support of Actionable Flows: issued, transferred, and surrendered.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/17/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New validation when creating, updating, and adding parties to trade objects, considering the organization type and role of the caller.
  • New Swagger "Platform Constants API" used as the new home for APIs to fetch event types and country codes. It was formerly part of the "Query API" in Swagger.
  • Several UI improvements.
  • Access to consigneeUpdated and shipperUpdated events is now limited to Authorities unless the values of the consigneeId and shipperId are hashed, per the associated consigneeIdType and shipperIdType field.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 12/05/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI enhancements: new list views, landing page search, consignment details, search for consignments based on equipment number is now case insensitive.
  • System users can now have admin authority to enable automation of APIs only usable by organization admins.
  • Actionable Flows (Beta) updates:
    • Updated APIs
    • Ability to trigger new actions on documents (message flows)
    • Support for updated Sea Waybill schema
    • Add Bill of Lading as accepted schema
  • Several Event Publish APIs formerly deprecated are no longer visible in Swagger. They will be deactivated in as early as one month from now. They have the form POST /visibility/v1/events/*.  Only a small number of similarly named APIs remain documented, although still deprecated. When consignments are split, booking data is now copied over to the new split consignment.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/14/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Events including the equipment type have more flexible validation. Formerly the "equipmentType" had to fit into a fixed list of enumerated values. Now it needs to abide by the ISO 6346 standard.
  • UI updates
    • Business partner UI shows an indicator if party references have been assigned.
    • Consignment search can be done by vehicle name, and several search fields are now case insensitive.
  • Vehicle name now accepted in several API and displayed instead of vehicle ID in the UI when available.
  • New event subscription type providing authority level access to provinces and associated ports.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 11/05/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New Bill of Lading Verifier feature for financial services institutions only (updated 3/05/2020). A new Swagger API is available for this under "Financial Institution API". The Bill of Lading Verifier solution is sold separately. Contact us at if you are interested in purchasing this feature or speaking directly with one of our sellers.
  • New support for split consignments, via API and UI.  This involves enhancements to several APIs including the specification of the Bill of Lading number to support routing events to the proper consignment after a split.
  • Combined consignments are now supported.
  • Various usability improvements to UI elements (summary cards, pagination).
  • Several UI enhancements - improved split/combine consignments, consistency, etc.
  • New Doc Sharing API enables pagination when fetching large numbers of transactions.
  • Events can now be published with equipment numbers missing the final digit.
  • Integration Framework - SFTP user accounts for message transfers supports both key-based and password based authentications.
  • Data Sharing Specification updated to V2.3, includes two new roles: Participant Bank and Transport Service Provider.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 10/24/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New scenarios supported, leveraging a new "transferFromConsignment" field when creating or updating a piece of equipment.
    • Combining consignments at the booking stage (no bill of lading issued yet)
    • Split consignments at the booking stage (no bill of lading issued yet)
    • Swap equipment between consignments at the booking stage (no bill of lading issued yet)
  • UI Improvements for managing business partners for an organization.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/17/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New Business Partner APIs (Customer Discovery) allowing customers to securely identify and share with each other. The UI and Swagger are available to org admin users.
  • Integration Framework SFTP service supports Key based authentication.
  • Miscellaneous UI enhancements including improved usability when editing structured documents.
  • New equipment types supported when publishing events for transport equipment.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/05/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved UI look and feel: subscriptions, search filters, user/org management.
  • Integration Framework: support for EDIFACT Booking Confirmation message.
  • New equipment types supported when sending the event to create transport equipment.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration Framework enhancement of email flow to support configurable extensions for .txt and .toc files.
  • UI enhancements - drop down filter updates, originator displayed for documents.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/07/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration Framework support for the older (v1) version of CODECO & COARRI messages sent by some ports and terminals.
  • New UI experience when searching and filtering consignments.
  • New UI visual representation of the location summary above events.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Actionable Doc Flows feature has been branded "Beta", to better support changes from customer feedback.
  • Integration Framework: support email flow to multiple recipients. 
  • New event API to assert the status of a consignment. The UI shows this status and allows users to filter on it.
  • UI now supports creating subscriptions and filter on document events/types/actions.
  • Updated design for displaying events in the UI.
  • Improvements to reduce number of duplicate events sent to subscriptions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/11/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Shipping Instruction documents can now be published as EDI, per actionable doc flows and the integration framework.
  • A new document type, Verify Copy, has been introduced to support Shipping Instructions and Bill of Lading flows.
  • New equipment types are now supported, exposed in APIs to create transport equipment.
  • New event filtering options are now available for document events in org, country, and port subscriptions.
  • UI improvements around Document Sharing. 
  • Document sharing APIs and UI have better validation on document references.
  • Document sharing supports a way to submit documents on behalf of another party (originatorName, originatorId).
  • Updated Data Sharing Specification to V2.2 includes new Verify Copy and House Bill of Lading document types.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/02/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI supports adding reference fields to documents when uploading.
  • New event type filter option added to org level subscriptions, enabled in API and UI.
  • Minimize duplication of events sent to subscriptions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/13/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI now shows the role of the organization within consignments and transport equipment.
  • Documents can now be uploaded/associated with transport equipment on the UI.
  • Document schemas have been updated for Shipping Instructions and Bill of Lading.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/30/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Consignment hierarchies have been introduced, where consignments can have subconsignments.
    • Note: Some limitations exist, like needing to establish a hierarchy before associating transport equipment.
  • Documents can now be associated with Transport Equipment through the APIs (for example Dangerous Goods). UI support will come soon.
    • New V2 Document Sharing APIs, more flexible to handle documents for Consignments and Transport Equipment.
    • Note: Support is limited to new Transport Equipment created after this feature is deployed.
  • New Actionable Flows APIs support the parsing of Bill of Lading and Shipping Instructions documents.
    • These APIs automatically create the consignments, transport equipment, and their association.
  • UI enhancements: consolidated route information, new event details view, consistent event timestamps.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/20/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Data Sharing Specification updated to V2.1.
  • Document schemas can now be deprecated.
  • New user experience when creating documents.
  • Events now identify the sending organization in the API and UI.
  • New field names to be used in document related events.
  • Integration Framework: Support for handling archived (zip) files sent as email attachments.
  • Performance improvements when sending events to subscribers.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/08/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration framework can now handle documents in the form of Excel files received by email.
  • Usability improvements when searching for consignments in the UI.
  • Events, including those for the transport plan, are now visible for consignments in the UI.
  • Doc sharing APIs expose new identifiers when creating and querying documents. 
  • Terminals no longer receive events after they are removed from the transport plan.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/11/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New flexible APIs for creating, updating, and querying consignments and transport equipment.
  • Booking information has been added to consignments and can be viewed in the UI.
  • Dynamic event routing based on transport plan events, limiting irrelevant events after route changes.
    • Dynamic route calculation is based on the transport plan: For transport equipment (TE) created with the new POST /v2/transportEquipment endpoint, port and country subscriptions will receive the TE events based on the locations in the planned events.
    • Events including a terminal that is not found in the transport plan will no longer get events.
  • UI and underlying API enhancement to display location descriptions for UN/LOCODE values.
  • Support for EDI and documents as attachments in email messages with domain.
  • Document schema deprecation policy. When old schemas are deprecated, uploads require a new schema.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/04/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Booking information now available for consignments (UI and API).
  • UI navigation update with new top level menu.
  • UI updated to show "Full" or "Empty" on Gate-in and Gate-out events.
  • Performance improvements.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/14/2019 for more details).
  • Bug fixes.


  • User experience improvements: layouts, interactions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/28/2019 for more details).
    • Document sharing APIs now include the file type in API responses.
    • Optional equipmentType added to transportEquipment/equipmentNumberUpdated.
    • Document events now include document version.
    • Several deprecated APIs removed from Swagger API documentation.
  • Performance improvements: event handling, API throttling to protect from DOS.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Enable uploading custom document types with a specified namespace (docTypeNamespace).
  • User experience improvements around document sharing.
  • Complete support for document versioning.
  • Event API: New fields transportPlanTotalNumber and transportPlanSequenceNumber in plan events (initial changes that will roll into upcoming features to improve carrier integration).
  • Miscellaneous enhancements around security and resiliency.
  • Bug fixes.


  • User experience improvements: accessibility, look and feel, performance.
  • Behavior update for the "partyAdded" (E001) event for proper access to events and documents.
  • Globalization and security improvements.
  • Performance improvement in subscriptions.
  • Integration framework support for parsing Excel (CSV) files into structured document uploads.
  • Fixed race condition formerly resulting in event duplication.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Enhanced document permissions, controlled at the level of organization role and document type.
  • Document permission overrides enabled for transport service buyers.
  • API update to get all documents and bulk download document APIs.
  • APIs for document sharing change to make docReference optional.
  • User experience improvements: event filtering, document organization, and other UI enhancements.
  • Security improvements: vulnerability fixes, unique blockchain channels for small carriers.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.