Release Notes

Copyright IBM Corporation and Maersk GTD Inc. 2018, 2019


  • New Business Partner APIs (Customer Discovery) allowing customers to securely identify and share with each other. The UI and Swagger are available to org admin users.
  • Integration Framework SFTP service supports Key based authentication.
  • Miscellaneous UI enhancements including improved usability when editing structured documents.
  • New equipment types supported when publishing events for transport equipment.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 09/05/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved UI look and feel: subscriptions, search filters, user/org management.
  • Integration Framework: support for EDIFACT Booking Confirmation message.
  • New equipment types supported when sending the event to create transport equipment.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration Framework enhancement of email flow to support configurable extensions for .txt and .toc files.
  • UI enhancements - drop down filter updates, originator displayed for documents.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 08/07/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration Framework support for the older (v1) version of CODECO & COARRI messages sent by some ports and terminals.
  • New UI experience when searching and filtering consignments.
  • New UI visual representation of the location summary above events.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Actionable Doc Flows feature has been branded "Beta", to better support changes from customer feedback.
  • Integration Framework: support email flow to multiple recipients. 
  • New event API to assert the status of a consignment. The UI shows this status and allows users to filter on it.
  • UI now supports creating subscriptions and filter on document events/types/actions.
  • Updated design for displaying events in the UI.
  • Improvements to reduce number of duplicate events sent to subscriptions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/11/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Shipping Instruction documents can now be published as EDI, per actionable doc flows and the integration framework.
  • A new document type, Verify Copy, has been introduced to support Shipping Instructions and Bill of Lading flows.
  • New equipment types are now supported, exposed in APIs to create transport equipment.
  • New event filtering options are now available for document events in org, country, and port subscriptions.
  • UI improvements around Document Sharing. 
  • Document sharing APIs and UI have better validation on document references.
  • Document sharing supports a way to submit documents on behalf of another party (originatorName, originatorId).
  • Updated Data Sharing Specification to V2.2 includes new Verify Copy and House Bill of Lading document types.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 07/02/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI supports adding reference fields to documents when uploading.
  • New event type filter option added to org level subscriptions, enabled in API and UI.
  • Minimize duplication of events sent to subscriptions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 06/13/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • UI now shows the role of the organization within consignments and transport equipment.
  • Documents can now be uploaded/associated with transport equipment on the UI.
  • Document schemas have been updated for Shipping Instructions and Bill of Lading.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/30/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Consignment hierarchies have been introduced, where consignments can have subconsignments.
    • Note: Some limitations exist, like needing to establish a hierarchy before associating transport equipment.
  • Documents can now be associated with Transport Equipment through the APIs (for example Dangerous Goods). UI support will come soon.
    • New V2 Document Sharing APIs, more flexible to handle documents for Consignments and Transport Equipment.
    • Note: Support is limited to new Transport Equipment created after this feature is deployed.
  • New Actionable Flows APIs support the parsing of Bill of Lading and Shipping Instructions documents.
    • These APIs automatically create the consignments, transport equipment, and their association.
  • UI enhancements: consolidated route information, new event details view, consistent event timestamps.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/20/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Data Sharing Specification updated to V2.1.
  • Document schemas can now be deprecated.
  • New user experience when creating documents.
  • Events now identify the sending organization in the API and UI.
  • New field names to be used in document related events.
  • Integration Framework: Support for handling archived (zip) files sent as email attachments.
  • Performance improvements when sending events to subscribers.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 05/08/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Integration framework can now handle documents in the form of Excel files received by email.
  • Usability improvements when searching for consignments in the UI.
  • Events, including those for the transport plan, are now visible for consignments in the UI.
  • Doc sharing APIs expose new identifiers when creating and querying documents. 
  • Terminals no longer receive events after they are removed from the transport plan.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/11/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • New flexible APIs for creating, updating, and querying consignments and transport equipment.
  • Booking information has been added to consignments and can be viewed in the UI.
  • Dynamic event routing based on transport plan events, limiting irrelevant events after route changes.
    • Dynamic route calculation is based on the transport plan: For transport equipment (TE) created with the new POST /v2/transportEquipment endpoint, port and country subscriptions will receive the TE events based on the locations in the planned events.
    • Events including a terminal that is not found in the transport plan will no longer get events.
  • UI and underlying API enhancement to display location descriptions for UN/LOCODE values.
  • Support for EDI and documents as attachments in email messages with domain.
  • Document schema deprecation policy. When old schemas are deprecated, uploads require a new schema.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 04/04/2019 for more details). 
  • Bug fixes.


  • Booking information now available for consignments (UI and API).
  • UI navigation update with new top level menu.
  • UI updated to show "Full" or "Empty" on Gate-in and Gate-out events.
  • Performance improvements.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 03/14/2019 for more details).
  • Bug fixes.


  • User experience improvements: layouts, interactions.
  • API Updates (see API Release Notes 02/28/2019 for more details).
    • Document sharing APIs now include the file type in API responses.
    • Optional equipmentType added to transportEquipment/equipmentNumberUpdated.
    • Document events now include document version.
    • Several deprecated APIs removed from Swagger API documentation.
  • Performance improvements: event handling, API throttling to protect from DOS.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Enable uploading custom document types with a specified namespace (docTypeNamespace).
  • User experience improvements around document sharing.
  • Complete support for document versioning.
  • Event API: New fields transportPlanTotalNumber and transportPlanSequenceNumber in plan events (initial changes that will roll into upcoming features to improve carrier integration).
  • Miscellaneous enhancements around security and resiliency.
  • Bug fixes.


  • User experience improvements: accessibility, look and feel, performance.
  • Behavior update for the "partyAdded" (E001) event for proper access to events and documents.
  • Globalization and security improvements.
  • Performance improvement in subscriptions.
  • Integration framework support for parsing Excel (CSV) files into structured document uploads.
  • Fixed race condition formerly resulting in event duplication.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Enhanced document permissions, controlled at the level of organization role and document type.
  • Document permission overrides enabled for transport service buyers.
  • API update to get all documents and bulk download document APIs.
  • APIs for document sharing change to make docReference optional.
  • User experience improvements: event filtering, document organization, and other UI enhancements.
  • Security improvements: vulnerability fixes, unique blockchain channels for small carriers.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.