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Data Retention Policy

Copyright IBM Corporation and GTD Solution Inc. 2020, 2022

The TradeLens policy for retaining data provided to the Platform by Participants is summarized below. *

  • Live Production System: Data provided by Participants is retained for 6 months in the Live Production System, unless that data is related to shipments of customers under a commercial agreement with TradeLens (i.e., paid subscriptions to TradeLens Core), in which case the data may be retained for up to 12 months. For consignments using an eBL, data may be retained until the eBL is Surrendered. Certain data may also be retained in a TradeLens data warehouse for up to 12 months. **

  • Blockchain Ledger: Any data stored on, or transactions recorded to, the Ledger are retained indefinitely. Currently, TradeLens utilizes the Ledger only to store document hashes, document actions and metadata, and internal object references. A hash of any data stored on the Ledger cannot be used to recreate the original data. TradeLens will never store personally identifiable information (PII) on the Ledger (unless converted to a hash).

  • De-identified Data: Certain data provided by Participants may be de-identified and retained. De-identifying the data means removing information that identifies the entity that provided the data or any other related entity or person.

  • Archived Storage: Data archival is available for customers who wish to purchase storage of the TradeLens data they subscribe to, which may include data provided by other Participants in accordance with the TradeLens Data Sharing Specification. The data is retained for the duration of the archive contract term and is accessible only to that customer.

* Excludes the retention of any backups and logs, which is governed by IBM's backup retention practices.

** Note that the retention of 12 months of data is a statement of policy, not what has been implemented to date.