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China Support

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Support Process

China Unicom IOT (CU-IOT) will provide Support for the TradeLens China domains and

If you are a TradeLens customer in China mainland and need Support, please contact CU-IOT on the service hotline: 4006010010. You can also contact CU-IOT at the Support mailbox [email protected]

Note: We encourage clients to report issues (especially things like missing events or missing subscription messages) within 7 days of occurrence if possible; this gives the Support team a better diagnostic window and a greater likelihood of finding the issue, or explaining the behavior, in a shorter amount of time.

Status Page

To view current system status, active and past incidents, and upcoming maintenance for Production and Sandbox environments, see the TradeLens status page at All planned maintenance and service issues will be published on the TradeLens status page. When applicable, maintenance notices will indicate updates to Release Notes. Subscribe to receive status notifications.

My Notifications

This is a public communications channel requiring Opt-In sign up. My Notifications may be used for security updates, urgent notices, technotes, new features and functions, product announcements, etc. An advanced preview notice for upcoming Release Notes will be published using My Notifications. It is highly recommended that all TradeLens users sign up for all categories for TradeLens communications in My Notifications. Search for TradeLens and subscribe.