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Analytics Dashboards

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Sometimes a simple status report is not enough. At times we need more information and more sophisticated ways of analyzing what is happening in our supply chain in order to optimize an outcome or survive a shutdown or stockout. TradeLens connects you to a world of granular shipping data that is relevant to your ecosystem. With TradeLens Dashboards you can leverage pre-built reports and analytics to help you make sense of all that information, transform data into insights, and improve your shipping operations.

Analytics Dashboards in TradeLens will offer the following benefits:

  • Global snapshot: Thumbnail snapshot of your global in-flight cargo, summarized in a variety of ways such as terminal or country of loading and discharge, cargo type, carrier, arrival time, and others. Drill down to individual consignments.
  • Identify exceptions: See potential exceptions that may need to be acted on, including ETA updates, extended dwell times, and transhipment risk.
  • Flexible deployment: Access Dashboards directly from the web, or use our template in your own BI tool so you can run the Dashboard from your desktop.

Note: The Analytics Dashboards feature is only available for TradeLens Visibility and TradeLens Collaboration customers. The dashboards are not included with TradeLens Essentials. If you are interested in upgrading to TradeLens Visibility or TradeLens Collaboration, contact us at to speak to one of our sellers.

If you have TradeLens Visibility or TradeLens Collaboration and your organization has been entitled for The Analytics Dashboard feature by the Onboarding team, you will see an Analytics Dashboards link on the left menu of the TradeLens UI. Click on the link to open your dashboards.



The Analytics Dashboard contains several selectable tabs across the top that provide detailed insight into trade objects of interest to your organization. We will discuss several of these tabs in more detail along with a sample screen image. To view a larger screen image, right-click on the image and open in a new browser tab or window. The examples below are for a beneficial cargo owner (BCO).


The Home tab displays a high level view of in-transit shipments, latest location of containers, ETA changes at final destination, layover days at Transshipment location, and overall TradeLens contributing network members.


Changes to ETA

The Changes to ETA tab displays any discrepancy between the initial Transport Plan and updates to the Transport Plan. This calls attention to early or delayed arrivals at final destination.


Booking Details

The Booking Details tab displays a summary of Transport Pan information and commodity description, including additional details for latest location based on most recent actual event.


Terminal Time (Import or Export)

The Terminal Time (Import or Export) tabs displays the dwell time by terminal working days and billable days by container at the Port of Discharge and Port of Loading by adjusting Free Days and Demurrage fees accordingly.


Intermodal Time (Import or Export)

The Intermodal Time (Import or Export) tabs display the container usage by working days outside terminal and billable days by container at the Port of Discharge and Port of Loading by adjusting Free Days and Detention fees accordingly.


Transshipment Layover Details

The Transshipment Layover Details tab displays details of transshipment layover (in days) based on Transport Plan.


In-Transit Details

The In-Transit Details tab displays details of in-transit consignments (containers that have left their origin but have not arrived to their destination).